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It's back to business for us, so enquiries are very welcome... obviously while Covid 19 persists there will be some disruptions. 

Splash specializes in the design, manufacture, sourcing, marketing and Installation of Light Weight Structures.  

Our portfolio could be summed up as Fabric Structures, Relocatable Portable Buildings and Light Weight Structures however as you get to know us, you will find our products and services are constantly changing with the times.

Current Situation February 2021 -- We are taking enquiries now for dome and gable fabric structures (static and inflatable) 20 meters wide and above. Structures are manufactured in Europe,  Australia or China.   We do not handle rentals at this stage. 

What's Splash Up to Now?

It's pretty much about the future. kiss

Watch out for our Air Arches,  vast air structures inspired by Airship Technologies incorporating industrial strength inflatable buildings and structures that are simple to bump in and bump out.  European and Australian Talent  design these extraordinary inflatable structures that can be kilometers in size. 

Match the inflatables with the proposed Hybrid Gas Generators and Air Pumps for an unlimited supply of clean inflation 24 hours a day.

Splash Air Arches are a stunning new technology ideal for Sports Domes, Pavilions and Hydroponic Agriculture.

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